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Tibor Tóth
Best music for sex. 😉
Comment from : Tibor Tóth

Наталья Карсюк
Мне понравилося ета музыка
Comment from : Наталья Карсюк

Hospedagem Certa
Brasil aqui! 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Amo essa musica!

Comment from : Hospedagem Certa

feryat yılmaz
Comment from : feryat yılmaz

T Razvan
Came here because fifa20:))
Comment from : T Razvan

Xalil Xalilov
Super Song !
Comment from : Xalil Xalilov

Eren Peker
Mahmut abey eline sağlık
Comment from : Eren Peker

yeter çbn
Sofi Tukker, Mahmut Orhanla çalışsın
Comment from : yeter çbn

Safi Khan
Love from 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰😘😘😘😘
Comment from : Safi Khan

Ömer Kafkaslı
Made in turkısh dj mahmut🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Comment from : Ömer Kafkaslı

თაკო თათიკიშვილი
I love it
Comment from : თაკო თათიკიშვილი

Comment from : C O N O P L E A

Oguzhan Tekk
Comment from : Oguzhan Tekk

John Tray
Comment from : John Tray

Iam crazy this song
Comment from : PsiXxX TV

Вася Василёнок
Ремікс сподобався, оригінал не зайшов
Comment from : Вася Василёнок

Crazy Boy
NFS HEAT anyone?
Comment from : Crazy Boy

mohamad atie
Comment from : mohamad atie

E Emirli
böyle müthiş bir şey ola bilir mi ya ;)
Comment from : E Emirli

I just love the beat and music sooo much man sooo catchy
Comment from : Tricky

Arda akıcı
as as as.. 🇹🇷
Comment from : Arda akıcı

Hannah Banana
Actually its incredible
Comment from : Hannah Banana

Shazia Tahir
Pass Joints don't rumors...& feel the vibes...................of this...
Comment from : Shazia Tahir

Diana Diancik
Это просто круто 🤯
Comment from : Diana Diancik

qartveli xar?
Comment from : TesliPanda

Serap Karatas
Mahmut Orhan sen bir efsanesin , şarkı ateş gibi.👍💜
Comment from : Serap Karatas

Doğa Kaya
DWIG - Orange Evening gibi
Comment from : Doğa Kaya

Haker Haker
Comment from : Haker Haker

Bu kadar anlamsız sözleri ilk kez duyuyorum. İyiki Portekizce.
Comment from : ADEM ALTINOK

Lorenzo Londero
how did u got a clean acapella of this song???
Comment from : Lorenzo Londero

Ömer Kafkaslı
Bu parça milyar dinlenmelıydı🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Comment from : Ömer Kafkaslı

Ömer Kafkaslı
Made in turkish mahmut orhan.
Comment from : Ömer Kafkaslı

Ch Wasif
Comment from : Ch Wasif

Țestoasa TBY
Someone know the acoustic tab? Ty
Comment from : Țestoasa TBY

Clit Yeastwood
this version shouldve been in FIFA
Comment from : Clit Yeastwood

ВК.Накен Накен
Comment from : Naken

Comment from : Naken

Sachin Francy
Fantastic. What genre is this?
Comment from : Sachin Francy

Roman Potanin
Comment from : Roman Potanin

Aşka İsyan
Ulan Maho yardırıyon yine
Comment from : Aşka İsyan

Mark Flattery
"Sirius XM.. Chill"
Comment from : Mark Flattery

Dua edin Türkler var müzik dinliyorsunuz krolar 😁🇹🇷
Comment from : ecuguard

big bog big
Comment from : big bog big

Stupid Man
classic mahmut orhan job 🇹🇷 the god
Comment from : Stupid Man

Mahmut orhan is like parmigiano you can add it almost everything
Molto bene, beautiful great song and cover

Comment from : MotoloverCouple

Hakim Chandio
Listened more then 20 times daily
Comment from : Hakim Chandio

Dr. Hyzen
i don't know what the fuck she says but i love everything about the song 😂
Comment from : Dr. Hyzen

Jamshed O’lmasov
Comment from : Jamshed O’lmasov

ika chikovani
Comment from : ika chikovani

Luca Mathe
Good job. Well done
Comment from : Luca Mathe

Kakus 94
Same, you gonna get high listening to this
Comment from : Kakus 94

Güzel 👍🏻
Comment from : tutu

Alex Guzmán
Fifa 20.. 😅😜😅😎
Comment from : Alex Guzmán

Pamela Figliola
I love this song
Comment from : Pamela Figliola

beclassic 96
This song is amazing can someone tell me the meaning?!!
Comment from : beclassic 96

Ilgar Anubis
Tell me please, where are these guitar riffs from?
Comment from : Ilgar Anubis

Mahmut Abimize Bak Helal Olsun
Comment from : Ødyssey

Muradoff Vasiff
Azerbaijan and Türkiye 🇦🇿🇹🇷🙏
Comment from : Muradoff Vasiff

Ömer Kafkaslı
Comment from : Ömer Kafkaslı


Iskander Yesenbay
Amazing track
Comment from : Iskander Yesenbay

No this is Patrick
Sirius XM Chill gang
Comment from : No this is Patrick

Korlon Parker
Is anyone here from Sirius XM Chill??
Comment from : Korlon Parker

turky almaliki18
Comment from : turky almaliki18

kurbashi kurbashi
I love,love,love this song!!!!!!
Comment from : kurbashi kurbashi

Golan Zharya
Crazy !!!
Comment from : Golan Zharya

jake gerich
What language is this in?
Comment from : jake gerich

Avtandil Nacvlishvili
პროსტაა пиздес ❤️❤️❤️
Comment from : Avtandil Nacvlishvili

Solas Polas
Omg thats the one they play on the radio. Found it thanks
Comment from : Solas Polas

Celal Isk
Palavra digor
Comment from : Celal Isk

aysegul gulbahce
mahmut orhann emegine saglıııııkkk senı sevıyorum
Comment from : aysegul gulbahce

High Heel Diva
Music ON, Dünya terk 🎧🎶🎶🎶
Comment from : High Heel Diva

Kostas Athens
Nice strip club music
Comment from : Kostas Athens

Didem Senongan
Mahmut Orhan is a LEGEN.. wait for it... DAAARRRRY.
Comment from : Didem Senongan

Didem Senongan
Mahmut Orhan sen efsane birisin.
Comment from : Didem Senongan

Sefa furkan Çalışır
3.3 mn
Comment from : Sefa furkan Çalışır

Azer Novruzov
United sport 2019 💆🏻‍♂️💆🏻‍♂️
Comment from : Azer Novruzov

xojiwka aaa
Норм трек
Comment from : xojiwka aaa

Zahar Goncharov
Very cool music Best, музыка супер, кул)
Comment from : Zahar Goncharov

kavasaky gpz
Favorite song when i am high
Comment from : kavasaky gpz

Adriana Villalba
Es muy interesante sus temas y videos ...a mi me identifican
Comment from : Adriana Villalba

milena egizaryan
Oma oma ☺
Comment from : milena egizaryan

Bryce Artukovich
My favorite song to summon demons with
Comment from : Bryce Artukovich

Ajith Kumar
Awesome song..👈👍
Comment from : Ajith Kumar

Holy sh*t, this is so goooooood!
Comment from : anceee_

Lana Chelidze
ძაან მაგაროა ტოოო
Comment from : Lana Chelidze

Инна Устименко
Comment from : Инна Устименко

Master To
ქართველი გაეძრო გოგიჩაშვილი 😂😂
Comment from : Master To

Make instrumental
Comment from : TheRedux

özgürX X
Hello from etyiyokya.
Comment from : özgürX X

Tigran Min
Comment from : Tigran Min

Spíro Av
Una patata, una tomata....
Me gusta salata....!!!!

Comment from : Spíro Av

Leonardo kostic
Comment from : Leonardo kostic

Giorgos Ktistis
God is everywhere!!!
Comment from : Giorgos Ktistis

Gio Giorgadze
Comment from : Gio Giorgadze

yusuf ziya  bozdemir
Mahmut Orhan 💪👍👍
Comment from : yusuf ziya bozdemir

Parandzem Hayrikyan
Thank you. This music. For coming along with me while this final healing.
Comment from : Parandzem Hayrikyan

Homano Manero
Vim do YODÃO
Comment from : Homano Manero

mehmet öz
dumanı alan geliyo 1 aydır
Comment from : mehmet öz

SBR Gaming
Came here after hearing it in Fifa 20
Comment from : SBR Gaming

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