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Emil Stoltz
Comment from : Emil Stoltz

Dizzy Kincade
Comment from : Dizzy Kincade

Matthew Prendergast
Accidentally swung and hit my co worker. Sorry bro. Had to swing.
Comment from : Matthew Prendergast

Svetlin Sofiev
That breakdown is stuck in my head
Comment from : Svetlin Sofiev

Blood of Kings6
Is this the unabombers manifesto?
Comment from : Blood of Kings6

Gavin Howard
This song was built for a circle pit lmao
Comment from : Gavin Howard

Brandon King
My neighbors just love Parkway!
Comment from : Brandon King

I want to come out to a sanctioned fight with this as my intro song!
Comment from : LawDescendant

callum mckeown
the riff at 3:20 sounds like KOODA by 6IX9INE
Comment from : callum mckeown

Danielgomes withfriends
The ending part has the same breakdown as within distruction by As I lay dying, but I love this song though.
Comment from : Danielgomes withfriends

Michele Cattaneo
0:35 Sam Carter, is that you?
Comment from : Michele Cattaneo

The perfect song for a great kettlebell training! :D Swing motherfuckers!!! :D
Comment from : SsgBence

Joel M
End It!!!
Comment from : Joel M

Joel Khoo
sick ass drummer
Comment from : Joel Khoo

Ivo Rocha
Comment from : Ivo Rocha

Gaurav Merugu
Comment from : Gaurav Merugu

Neil Rhode
this is where 30% of my 1 rep max comes from
Comment from : Neil Rhode

trey murphy
you just got bleghed what do you do
Comment from : trey murphy

George Tabacaru
wow this really sounds a lot like as i lay dying confined 02:25-02:35 lol
Comment from : George Tabacaru

Marcus Hardy
2:56 so I can keep reloading
Comment from : Marcus Hardy

Kirk Witting
The end made me get up and aimlessly wander around my house while headbanging.
Comment from : Kirk Witting

KoRn Slipknot
That drumming though \m/
Comment from : KoRn Slipknot

I absolutely love my shit in my car when this song builds up
Comment from : xmrythem

Pradipa Yogyartha
Comment from : Pradipa Yogyartha

really badass song! I love this!
Comment from : BenM1A1

0:48 and 1:48 are the best parts
Comment from : Qwerty

Joan Rojas Acuña
who came here after hearing the new songs?
Comment from : Joan Rojas Acuña

Black Indica
My ears just had an orgasm!
Comment from : Black Indica

END IT!!!!
Comment from : AkaBizi

Andrew Stone
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Comment from : Andrew Stone

This song is playing while having sex with my girlfriend..
Comment from : lancel_drich

If you need a song that will get you through some shit, this is it.
Comment from : Seppukuu

Comment from : Cody "The Machine"

Cristian Hernandez
the max volume it's not enough for that BREAK DOWN!!!
Comment from : Cristian Hernandez

Is this anyone else's pre-work out song?
Comment from : JesseJames0n

Colby Scipio
just tried heavy metal not bad
Comment from : Colby Scipio

Sergeant Kurabara
Comment from : Sergeant Kurabara

Peyton Newman
This song is so fucking dope, love it. love the message too
Comment from : Peyton Newman

Daniel Raos
This song live was brutal
Comment from : Daniel Raos

Fares Rock
One of the best "bleh" breakdown earth has witnessed
Comment from : Fares Rock

Levi Masters
Comment from : Levi Masters

santi benitez
heard this live last night it was fucking greattttttt \m/
Comment from : santi benitez

Kirk Johnson
basically its like this.... if in the last min of this you don't wanna smash somebody.... then wtf? you ain't a parkway drive fan! period.....
Comment from : Kirk Johnson

The riffs in this song, so much energy.
Comment from : Steyn

Prophetic Rain-Maker
Comment from : Prophetic Rain-Maker

Alex Beschorner
Comment from : Alex Beschorner

Frogger 251
Last minute...60 seconds of utter brutality!
Comment from : Frogger 251

Chris Welton
this is the shit
Comment from : Chris Welton

Favorite workout song
Comment from : THEIAN11

I'm currently eating a toastie
Comment from : Bluefridgee

aaron queen
swing oni swing
Comment from : aaron queen

Zac Smith
My favorite "fuck shit up" song
Comment from : Zac Smith

Sinistra Music
So much better live
Comment from : Sinistra Music

Adam Beggs
Haha I dedicate this one to my "best friend" who fucked the only girl I thought I ever loved. And didn't have the balls to admit it after she told me
Comment from : Adam Beggs

Ascent To Zenith
How can you not want to sing along when he starts yelling swing? 
Comment from : Ascent To Zenith

Isaiah Pena
Idk but in the breakdown parts, he sounds like Raiden from Mortal Kombat in the 80's/90's. If you guys know what I'm talking about, please tell me I'm not the only one that can hear it. Haha.
Comment from : Isaiah Pena

I'm confused is this hardcore or thrash metal haha nah best band but
Comment from : bigbrendo69

craioveanu joaca
2:58 the things are becoming serios xD
Comment from : craioveanu joaca

kc santiago
Love parkwayyyy!!!
Comment from : kc santiago

Comment from : JG

Dak Koob
Comment from : Dak Koob

Michael Brodersen
I think I got spoiled by Deep Blue. that album was so brutal and angry... I had a rough time getting through Atlas. felt like it was really political/environmental. brutal and I enjoyed it nonetheless, but to go from Carrion, unrest, wreckage, sleepwalker, karma, to the river and the slow surrender def to some adjusting. but this band will always hold the crown for pushing the limits
Comment from : Michael Brodersen

This is one of the only bands that I barely find any hate comments on and it makes me really happy.
Comment from : zRyGuyz

Alex Altman
Wow... Just... Wow.
Comment from : Alex Altman

Comment from : PunkCheVara

John Smith
In the part where he sings swing....motherf*ckers i used to understand slay....all those f*ckers ^^
Comment from : John Smith

1. horizons 2. deep blue 3. atlas ...but this song is in my top 3 from them. love this band.
Comment from : ph0kused

If only they were playing mayhem instead of warped tour -.-
Comment from : Selbug28

Stin W
MOTHERFUCKERS!!!! insert violent headbang
Comment from : Stin W

Just Your Shadow
Without this song, i wouldn't have swung through this monday morning.
Comment from : Just Your Shadow

Lucas Mantovani
the things become fucking serious at 2:56
Comment from : Lucas Mantovani

Nick Ochoa
Comment from : Nick Ochoa

The breakdown is sick and all, but it's the "all we have to believe are the lies that they feed us" part that gets stuck in my head every time.
Comment from : War-Cry

This isn't Bring me the Horizon.
Comment from : Divinarex

giorgi baxtadze
this musik makes all of us so happy i think
Comment from : giorgi baxtadze

Danny Bishop
It's an attention grabber, most girls feel the need to mention it in their comments, and then complain when weird guys start replying
Comment from : Danny Bishop

2:56.... just does that little thing we all love. MAKES YOU CONQUER A BEAR
Comment from : PainKiller1773

Ian Jackson
This is a fucking ANTHEM!
Comment from : Ian Jackson

Patrick Polak
Gosh darn damn. Winston's vocals are just amazing.
Comment from : Patrick Polak

Danny Bishop
Let me translate that last part. "Give me your flirtatious comments boys so I can make you all look desperate and judge you all based on a few narrow minded pricks."
Comment from : Danny Bishop

Gábor Novath
I Like to Swing the sh*t out of the Madafakers who not jump-scream when Parkway Drive on Stage!
Comment from : Gábor Novath

Caleb Bauer
Best breakdown ever in hardcore history.
Comment from : Caleb Bauer

Comment from : D3adUs3r

Todd Johnson
0;35 Braaap! Killer Fucking Breakdown!
Comment from : Todd Johnson

Oh you're a girl? That obvious must mean you shouldn't like parkway drive.
Comment from : fullenglish3

awesome album... but horizons takes the cake.
Comment from : Paintballinmike1

Christopher Padilla
OH!!!!! END IT!!!!!!
Comment from : Christopher Padilla

haha there it is. that was bugging me every time i listen to this song
Comment from : whosaidwhatwherewhy

Seriously there are no chicks around my area that enjoy metal like I do... I do the same thing!!
Comment from : parrottfamily3

Kangaroo Koala
What does you being a girl have to do with anything?
Comment from : Kangaroo Koala

Bertold Hóbor
yeah I heard it too:D
Comment from : Bertold Hóbor

they played both for Virginia because we were that sick of a crowd, and two encore songs =D
Comment from : skylineOwnZall

Shawn Hansen
Saw them on Tuesday :) Monumental pit, every single person in the crowd moving when this played!
Comment from : Shawn Hansen

James Vance
Their lyrics went to shit imo.. Least favorite album by these guys./:
Comment from : James Vance

Johnny Mazzini
Imagine the wall of death to this song.... instant epicness!
Comment from : Johnny Mazzini

Comment from : RapeTheDay666

Brad Murdock
Comment from : Brad Murdock

Shiva Shadowsong
Sounds like you came...
Comment from : Shiva Shadowsong

MineWelt Toturials
Comment from : MineWelt Toturials

joshua melte
best song on atlas imo . best album yet.
Comment from : joshua melte

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