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12:00 midnight already partying on my own...🤟🏼🥳😂
Comment from : Joanne

Muhammad Sa'ir
Comment from : Muhammad Sa'ir

Comment from : あーる

DavidThePlayer PL
This is like the oldschool shuffle dance
Comment from : DavidThePlayer PL

Claudio P.
1:43 When you see a cockroach on the ground!
Comment from : Claudio P.

Comment from : vEaz1

Benia Szewczyk
Comment from : Benia Szewczyk

Piotrek Czyżycki
Who gonna learn me to dance like that please ?
Comment from : Piotrek Czyżycki

Tinkering Butterfly
What you came for 0:30
Comment from : Tinkering Butterfly

これ踊ったら100%筋肉痛💪( ᐛ 💪)
Comment from : ジャーキー

sterling samspson
#bringback1920s dress like the 20s
Comment from : sterling samspson

Ecchi version is better
Comment from : CSGOER

giwrgos det
This shits slaps harder than my dads belt
Comment from : giwrgos det

Corban Barr
Comment from : Corban Barr

Hot Potato
I have a problem with this kind of electro swing, it just sounds to much like pop music anyone has some good recommendation or knows underground E-Swing artists?
Comment from : Hot Potato

Camryn Soares
I wonder would alastor listen to this song?
Comment from : Camryn Soares

Александр филипченский
After listening nightcore version this one is sooo sloooow
Comment from : Александр филипченский

This is just the same melody stolen from Wash My Hands by Kormac. Still good though, but it's almost the exact same melody..
Comment from : daSweep

Harvey Jay David
Does this sound loke the steven universe : the movie song (other friends) a little bit like that?
Comment from : Harvey Jay David

amar terasu
Yo solo vine por el amv de dangaropa :)
Comment from : amar terasu

kauã gameplays
very cool song
Comment from : kauã gameplays

Why is she looks like elizabeth from bioshock?
Comment from : FOX 狐

Sniper The Boo
Am I lonely
Comment from : Sniper The Boo

2020 esta aqui >:v
Comment from : sebastian52yt

egal wie oft ich das Video sehe, finde ichs immer noch krass wie die Tanzen xD
Comment from : Heike

Gordon Freeman
For Sven Otten?
Comment from : Gordon Freeman

Slawek PL
Jak marzną buty to jest już gtrubo
Comment from : Slawek PL

The Gaga
УстатаЯ похотливая крысау
Comment from : The Gaga

David GS
2016 - 2020
Comment from : David GS

Hammeredband 581
Comment from : Hammeredband 581

Robert MacNaughton
The swing of her hips is the real swing:)
Comment from : Robert MacNaughton

Just a normal guy
Here after some time because the 20s need their electro swing!😙
Comment from : Just a normal guy

Кто из Best Saber?
Comment from : Сидорович

Крысу в чат
Comment from : Abeno

Fairy Girl
Too damn good !!!!!
Comment from : Fairy Girl

Who 2020 ? XD
Comment from : Martynax12

Alexander Chepatarenko
what is the name of this choreography or style of dancing ?
Comment from : Alexander Chepatarenko

script donovan
Comment from : script donovan

Matias Sepulveda
Perfex aron 💜💜💙😍
Comment from : Matias Sepulveda

RaulFREDdjfjem dnsnfajcdjcjJumalon
Comment from : RaulFREDdjfjem dnsnfajcdjcjJumalon

Angelica Marquez Cruz
Hola rasa me encanto esta cansoon
Comment from : Angelica Marquez Cruz

Leobaldo Alcantara Neto
It needs subtitles
Comment from : Leobaldo Alcantara Neto

Uhum 02
Comment from : Uhum 02

「 RedFlurrii 」
why is this all of a sudden in my recommended section
Comment from : 「 RedFlurrii 」

mook LA ru
Fucking amazing like I'm dancing in the road this should be America's theme song
Comment from : mook LA ru

I tried not look at the comments because of "I'm watching in year blah" but clearly I couldn't resist
Comment from : •Olihxo•

Una Luna Elvish Witch Fae
Comment from : Una Luna Elvish Witch Fae

2020 anyone ?
Comment from : @Clutch_Climbers

Aussie Arcus
Starting 2020 off with a bang 😆
Comment from : Aussie Arcus


anton Antonov
Comment from : anton Antonov

I am from India and I heard this song in radio and I got the vibe of I'm an albatraoz, and when I checked it is from him only .
Comment from : VISHAL PANDEY

Steven Kyle
Trick testosterone kinda makes you angry?
Comment from : Steven Kyle

Toxic_ Love
There's a llama in my livin' room 😎
Comment from : Toxic_ Love

Emily Wiebe
2:09 i tought the song was over
Comment from : Emily Wiebe

Andre Alfigo
Is it slav?
Comment from : Andre Alfigo

A. Sunflower
Make America SWING Again!! It’s gonna be the roaring 20s again!
Comment from : A. Sunflower

Sarah Hutchings
it is I agree
Comment from : Sarah Hutchings

Saskia Palubjaková
2:00 when i have to go to doctor
Comment from : Saskia Palubjaková

B Kakkamallan
This is better than any other remixes.
Comment from : B Kakkamallan

December 25th 2019 anyone?
Comment from : Bretelz

LucS R.û
Comment from : LucS R.û

Bhausaheb Kolhe
I was here on 24 Dec 2019..
Comment from : Bhausaheb Kolhe

Albert Nicolae
3:11 i don't know if this happens evrywere but in romania the money that kids get from school is going to be x2 so this is the perfact song
Comment from : Albert Nicolae

Marcos Jaci De Jesus
Kd os brasileiros 2019???
Comment from : Marcos Jaci De Jesus

i love this soo much...idk...just...idk.
Comment from : Idk

Tommy Arlen
Love it😍😍
Comment from : Tommy Arlen

Comment from : CH UN

Lukas Berg
go and play all songs of them in 1.25 speed, its sooo much better xD
Comment from : Lukas Berg

Andrew Vargo
This song makes me wanna snort cocaine and dance and drink moonshine
Comment from : Andrew Vargo

Evgenij Pavkin
🔥 ❤❤❤
Comment from : Evgenij Pavkin

Deery plays!
I stole a quote from my friend in Roblox but it wasnt the same :P
Comment from : Deery plays!

Deery plays!
Comment from : Deery plays!

Deery plays!
Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue Sugar Is Sweet Just Like You But Roses Die So Do Violets But Sugar Is Fine
Comment from : Deery plays!

Valia Dimitrova
Comment from : Valia Dimitrova

Fany Tenorio
1:59 When a kid dies in a factory
Comment from : Fany Tenorio

k i l l e r ッ

Comment from : k i l l e r ッ

My peepee is swinging because of this lady
Comment from : JonelKingas

Kael Kirkby
Who here is watching this after the nightcore version. If you want nightcore play at 1.25 speed
Comment from : Kael Kirkby

Gacha Carly
Roses are red
Violets are blue
When I was little
My daddy was doomed

You: what how is he doomed

Me talking to you: by this song.

Comment from : Gacha Carly

When kids with
Arachnophobia see a spider: 0:46

Comment from : P I K U L I C H U

Madriaga Euwe
Show her a little swing 😁
Comment from : Madriaga Euwe

Vic Vic
I like her haircut ;-)

Swinging llama in the home with the hole in the roof ;-)
(3best songs in one senstence)
greetings! B-)

Comment from : Vic Vic

Ronald 240Bravo
I'm in love 😍
Comment from : Ronald 240Bravo

Mateo Figueroa
Donde estan los mexicanos
Comment from : Mateo Figueroa

Salome Puertas Basilio
¡what! Shet
Comment from : Salome Puertas Basilio

Роман Хлебушкин
шЫкарная жЖенщина.
Comment from : Роман Хлебушкин

I like how it looks like it’s from the 60’s but it was made in 2016
Comment from : Hawk

Josh Bautista
Comment from : Josh Bautista

Swing is great
Comment from : LEROY HOWELL

Secret Meki
Comment from : Secret Meki

keo kawasaki
i ain't ever gonna visit america
Comment from : keo kawasaki

Richard’s Testicle Head
No offense but this feels kind of like a more pop-ish ripoff of “we no speak americano”

I like electro swing and I like this song but this video is cheesy asf

Comment from : Richard’s Testicle Head

jessica arch
who came from an akutagawa edit
Comment from : jessica arch

Déri Miklós
The drop hit so hard that now there's a hole in the floor
Comment from : Déri Miklós

Autism Storm
Imagine being a music producer and finding out your sister can sing


Comment from : Autism Storm

Too much swing
Comment from : 김윤호

حيدر الذهبي
شيء جميل
حيدر الذهبي مر من هنا🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶

Comment from : حيدر الذهبي

Ray Gomez
One of the greatest Videos I've ever seen, Straight going back,
Comment from : Ray Gomez

Gareth Shek
I luv this song
Comment from : Gareth Shek

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