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2020? Any1?
Comment from : AniMus

D Luffy Monkey
2020 liệu còn có ai nghe
Comment from : D Luffy Monkey

Fancy Nancy in a Bancy
Comment from : Fancy Nancy in a Bancy

oh no its 2020 now there are gonna come lots of pepole with following comment: 2020?
Comment from : K B

Aruji San
2020 ??
Comment from : Aruji San

Android 21
Love the song!!!
Comment from : Android 21

Off Brand Bleach
Ah yes, found it!
Comment from : Off Brand Bleach

TheGamingWolfMoonlight YT
who is a furry and swings with ur tail when ; it ain't no big thing just show her a little swing
Comment from : TheGamingWolfMoonlight YT

Rabiatul Adawiah
December 2019 ?
Comment from : Rabiatul Adawiah

Cathy Animations
"Im goona look for a new job" I hAvE yOuTuBe As A jOb
Comment from : Cathy Animations

Jazmin Wiebe
NOVEMBER 2019???
Comment from : Jazmin Wiebe

Why don’t we Limelight

Don’t mind this this is just my time stamp for no reason it’s just my favourite part of the song 😁

Comment from : Why don’t we Limelight

Pastel Watermelon Girl
Comment from : Pastel Watermelon Girl

Gabija Gabukas
Comment from : Gabija Gabukas

Cleo vibes
Anyone here from TikTok?
Comment from : Cleo vibes

Well,I can't catch that mean about that "wing" . it that mean real wing like swan's wing ?
Comment from : 제니쁘띠끄

Comment from : 雪蓮

ชยธรณ์ พิชยนันท์
my mom : it’s a Bad song
me : who cares
my mom :you have to
me : it’s very fun so I like it

Comment from : ชยธรณ์ พิชยนันท์

Comment from : Loncicii

gameing tube
Nearly 2020 anyone 😁
Comment from : gameing tube

The absurd Randomness
Why did I listen to this a day before back to school now my friend are gunna go through me screaming this😑
Comment from : The absurd Randomness

Omfg ,this song is so......lovely
Comment from : JANCSI DABISTU

Jukkru Superzooi
Next combo is ==> "We No Speak Americano"
Comment from : Jukkru Superzooi

KaletH Flipado
Ira Pues
Comment from : KaletH Flipado

Alexandria Van deyl
Why is there 41 dislikes
Comment from : Alexandria Van deyl

1:05 is that John Mulaney in "the salt and pepper diner" routine?
Comment from : Øystein

Ava is a meme
Comment from : Ava is a meme

Suguitan Mohamad
Comment from : Suguitan Mohamad

Junko Enoshima
Comment from : Junko Enoshima

i came here from marvels runaways
Comment from : MullyPlays

Lorena Angel
Comment from : Lorena Angel

karen wakefield
Comment from : karen wakefield

Clarke Alonzi
I propose that this be the next United Kingdom entry for the next Eurovision Song Contest. It is catchy, it is surreal and it is not a song that sounds like it is begging for points like all of our entries for the past ten years have sounded like. This would be the song that everyone would want to hear again before the end of the night.
Comment from : Clarke Alonzi

Ayana Sarah
I like this song! 2019???
Comment from : Ayana Sarah

Potato Ella
This song has an atmosphere of insanity without even trying (from my perspective, and because I came from a Junko AMV)
Comment from : Potato Ella

MKDemon Knight
Comment from : MKDemon Knight

Tanning Tanspotty
Original song is blocked in my country. I can bypass it through vpn
Comment from : Tanning Tanspotty

Rachel Artis
Who here from tik tok? I am
Comment from : Rachel Artis

Amial Lubbe
Loving this 🔥🔥
Comment from : Amial Lubbe

Jessica Park
This is one of best songs I hav ever listened
Comment from : Jessica Park

Rainbow 6 Gaming
It’s that walking blues not the walking blues
Comment from : Rainbow 6 Gaming

Day 20, Best song i've ever heard from this generation UwU

April 11, 2019

Comment from : TimberAlienz

Fadumo Galax
2019 2 april
Comment from : Fadumo Galax

Heather :3
Anyone else here from that awesome Charleston Just Dance of this?
Comment from : Heather :3

Akuma 93
I love the song, and I'm in 11/03/2019 Someone too?
Comment from : Akuma 93

mooneclipe Xx
Every reply coast 1 have fun

Comment from : mooneclipe Xx

David Dewar
I do a Dance to this song my grop is called gratis sow
Comment from : David Dewar

layla leaver
i love this song so much so catchy
Comment from : layla leaver

Jan Barahona
Comment from : Jan Barahona

it's soo fancyyyyyyyyyyy mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :3>
Comment from : _ TDA

cute devil
"when you are down, when there ain't no love around, theres a place for you my friend; YES YOUTUBE DUh
Comment from : cute devil

why does this sound so distorted? sounds like some cheap mic was recording this song through a TV or something
Comment from : Nick250ification

Gia linh Trần
Comment from : Gia linh Trần

Saina Saamy
Comment from : Saina Saamy

ciki bonzai
Uhg-- I can't get set this it's so good!
Comment from : ciki bonzai

Itz the Twinz Yt
I sing this when I’m cleaning
Comment from : Itz the Twinz Yt

Choocken Nugget UwU
I wove this song
Comment from : Choocken Nugget UwU

666 likes on this video😂

Edit oml 1K likes now, congratulations!!!!

Comment from : odeu

Koos Botha
My song this one 👌😍
Comment from : Koos Botha

Ananya 263
This is 🔥🔥🔥
Comment from : Ananya 263

hola que hace
me encanta esta canción la adoroooooooooo esta en mi primer lugar de canciones favoritas no paro de escucharlaaa me encantaaaa
Comment from : hola que hace

mobile legends boloo
bang song
Comment from : mobile legends boloo

yjthruryftkgjc gjbvggk
It aint no big thing but everyone like this song cuz I love this song
Comment from : yjthruryftkgjc gjbvggk

doing a flash mob to this song
Comment from : BREE GALAXY

Family live
Thats the second song ive ever heard froh aron chupa i only heard albatros and this my live is sad
Comment from : Family live

TheActs Of Crazy
Best song best beat
Comment from : TheActs Of Crazy

Crazey Cakes
Well I truly hate those haters
Comment from : Crazey Cakes

Jess And lucy
This is the greatest song ever
Comment from : Jess And lucy

Lucy Champion
I love this song
Comment from : Lucy Champion

0 dislikes
Comment from : honey

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