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You have such an amazing body!!
Comment from : LeAnnShines

Audiobook + 2000 steps at semi casual pace 3-4 times a week is a life changer
Comment from : DcCapitalGamers

Ohhh göte bak
Comment from : ANAM BABAM MAHSUN

Did you use the stairmaster to get your body in that condition or is it a means of maintaining?

Mister Refraction
you need a bigger machine
Comment from : Mister Refraction

monica delgado murillo
Why you keep putting your hand on your lower back?
Comment from : monica delgado murillo

Tarren Rivers
Am I the only now when using this machine watch their feet, like I'm about to fall lol.
Comment from : Tarren Rivers

troll bagienny
oh bella uuu super ass!!!
Comment from : troll bagienny

Thomas Geraghty
Is that Chicago
Comment from : Thomas Geraghty

Tina Parks
My favorite machine. So much so that i bought one for my house. The only piece of equipment I’ve ever needed.
Comment from : Tina Parks

Rachel Padilla
omg you have a gorgeous body! That's how I want mine lol
Comment from : Rachel Padilla

Diego Vásquez
if all videos had more movement like this would be great. If you watch your videos you will notice that the videos with more movement have much more attention. Because they are sexier. Well maybe it will be because you have a big butt ahahhaah but we all like it
Comment from : Diego Vásquez

Daniel Gabriel
I am using stairs master this equipment killer machine after 5min, I feel exhausted some how I did 1000steps 17min afterward so tried, sweat a lot. Without holding I couldn't do it, I keep try.
Comment from : Daniel Gabriel

Nika Obolashvili
Nice ass bella🙂
Comment from : Nika Obolashvili

Katie Stock
Love this workout iv been building it up over the last few weeks on how many rounds it's really good 😊
Comment from : Katie Stock

This machines kills you. Got off the elliptical after 20 mins n go on stairmaster. After 5 min im dying.
Comment from : dbedazzling1

Ismael Tamayo
And where is the HIIT?
Comment from : Ismael Tamayo

Sam Norman
My cardio is 30 mins on level 12 😂 it kills me 😫
Comment from : Sam Norman

My friend says u only need to go on the stair master for a little bit of time instead of a lengthy amount of time to get a butt that pops out. How long do u use the Stair Master for?
Comment from : carmelitastella

alexis mattox
Do you do the stairs before or after weight training
Comment from : alexis mattox

To Kai
You can also jump with two legs on the steps.. very hard to do
Comment from : To Kai

The only thing highly intense about that was the bowel movement that it inspired
Comment from : RoboTurkeyNinja

le le
Thanks girl! Trying this tomorrow :)
Comment from : le le

Reshma Chowdry
Tq mam this video
Comment from : Reshma Chowdry

workout summary:

Side steps right level 7 x20sec
Side steps lefts level 7x20 Secs
Kickback each 2 steps level 5 x 20Secs
Walk level 9 x 1min

Repeat 3 Times

Comment from : Mariangela

Marlow Harris
StairMaster will keep you in shape because it's one of the best machines
Comment from : Marlow Harris

Nikolay Stoyanov
Comment from : Nikolay Stoyanov

God, thank u for making me attracted to women. 🙏
Comment from : John

Adelle Cole
I'm going to go to the gym this evening and do this workout now hahaha. Thank you!
Comment from : Adelle Cole

jj Diah
I see women do this alot at my gym, they all probably watched this video
Comment from : jj Diah

Melinda Henderson
Try not to make the intros so long, we want to see the workout.
Comment from : Melinda Henderson

Germ Da 5'8
I've been using the stair climber for two weeks now... I'm going to start side steps and kickbacks
Comment from : Germ Da 5'8

my god .u r doing it so easily
Comment from : Rusty123

- Eth
How is this HIIT? this is regular pace
Comment from : - Eth

Kirsten Ruben
This was a killer workout I did it today and I couldn’t make it past 18 minutes
Comment from : Kirsten Ruben

Andrea Perez
what’s the song called playing in the background when you’re explaining the workout in the beginning?!
Comment from : Andrea Perez

How many calories in 1 hour
Comment from : 4TheLoveOfTheGame

Femme Fitale Fit Club TV
Where do you find the number counters used in the video on the lower right side?
Comment from : Femme Fitale Fit Club TV

Just a small town girl surfing the interwebs
Thank you Bella!
Comment from : Just a small town girl surfing the interwebs

Pretty Girl
Walk speed 9?!?! I start at 3 walking and run at 10....lol you doing great!
Comment from : Pretty Girl

Whats side steps good for ?☺️
Comment from : N.W

I miss the workout i can't stop looking at your ass im sorry
Comment from : Silverback219

Mehmet S
Comment from : Mehmet S

tracy martinez
Did this today. Loved it. Can you tell us the name and artist of the music you used?
Comment from : tracy martinez

Is ur left eyebrow ok
Comment from : HANNAH WHEELER

Amber Everywhere
I did this today! Thanks for having it in real time. I felt competent on the stair master.
Comment from : Amber Everywhere

Arron Benjamin
Nice HITT cardio Bella love what u do keep it up and I'll do the same 🏋️‍♂️👌💪
Comment from : Arron Benjamin

Amber Everywhere
Fav fitness youtuber.
Comment from : Amber Everywhere

Melissa Henderson
Definitely going to start adding this as a finisher as I'm starting to incorporate more cardio to lean out a little, so thank you! Also can I ask what song this is? Sorting out my workout playlist and I loved this song 😁
Comment from : Melissa Henderson

عقيل نيمار
Comment from : عقيل نيمار

Comment from : El ZURDOOO_Alonso

👌🍑😍🍑👌 I LOVEEE YOUUU....! BEAUTIFUUUL....! BELLAAA....! 👌🍑😍🍑👌
Comment from : El ZURDOOO_Alonso

Hey Bella, I just became homeless at 18 and was wondering if you had any advice
Comment from : ELUSIVESHADY

Jeremy Smith
Happy New Year Beautiful Bella😘
Comment from : Jeremy Smith

Love all your videos :)
Comment from : Tracy

Roy Posas
Dope work out
Comment from : Roy Posas

Theodore Martin
I like watching her climb stairs
Comment from : Theodore Martin

Tianna Ouellette
where are your leggings from?! and i love the stair master!! this is great
Comment from : Tianna Ouellette

A Perfect Day
Nice HIIT cardio workout!
Liked the music too.
You should call the workout "Stairway to Heaven".

Comment from : A Perfect Day

Søren Johansen
The angel from the gym
Comment from : Søren Johansen

Gojira Hanma
Comment from : Gojira Hanma

Matevž Zaviršek
Love it
Comment from : Matevž Zaviršek

Bella Rahbek
For everybody wondering, I highly regret posting this video due to the intro. Reason why is because I had major allergic attack throughout the night and my swelling in my face still wasn't completely gone when recording this video. never imagine that this video would get so many views lol so now I can't really take it down. So please don't judge my face lmao I posted this video for you guys didn't wanted to delay it more than necessary, but looking back at it I probably should have waited. (I look like a mess. so please like this video for me publicly embarrassing myself lol)

It's 2018, lets get it fit fam :)) Here's a little HIIT cardio workout by using the StairMaster. Highly requested video. So here it is. You asked, I delivered (lol).
Also, LMK if you have any video requests. I will do them :)))) If they're relevant ofc .. lol
-Add as many round as you would like to do of this HIIT Cardio. I would recommend 3 rounds per HIIT cardio session. But pick a workout that challenge you. Mkay?
Here is the link to the loop bands I was mentioning in the intro:

Comment from : Bella Rahbek

breathin ari
early fam🌟
Comment from : breathin ari

Fly With Johnny Thai
Comment from : Fly With Johnny Thai

Haylee Renae
Bella! I clicked right away, I love your videos you are so inspiring and motivational 💖
Comment from : Haylee Renae

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