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Brando Stang
Love this song!!!
Comment from : Brando Stang

K Murphy
Song: BURY ME. Me: I am finished with y- oh wait wrong song.
Comment from : K Murphy

I was never emo or went thru that "phase" but i heavily fucked with all american rejects, green day, three days grace, fall out boy, my chemical romance, imagine dragons, the killers, breaking benjamin, and a few others. Like no cap hat shit slapped in the early 2000s
Comment from : Queen.Nekgar

#! RetroAssassin3079 !#
at the beginning what the fuck?
Comment from : #! RetroAssassin3079 !#

yan kee
Comment from : yan kee

Dawn Rosevelt
I miss this.
Comment from : Dawn Rosevelt

Frank Griffiths
I remember being 13 having a meltdown listening to this on repeat cos I got rejected by the dude I had been in love with since i was 11 lmao I was an over dramatic kid
Comment from : Frank Griffiths

It's been years since I've heard this song. Still not disappointed
Comment from : Snivy4000

This Guy
@ 00.51 its "emotions astir" not "they stir" just fyi
Comment from : This Guy

Exist Outside The Box
Hey 2013 commenters this is 2019 and we do not agree with your hate for this song and group lol get it together guys
Comment from : Exist Outside The Box

Angel Dee
Ohhh😍😍😘 i love this!
Comment from : Angel Dee

Comment from : Tricky

richie perez
Ilove this song
Comment from : richie perez

Alex Bryle Styles
that "EHT" in the beginning
Comment from : Alex Bryle Styles

lucasbaby love
you know what it feels like being aloneeeeee
Comment from : lucasbaby love

Kirk Aquino
Comment from : Kirk Aquino

park seulgi Takehara
2018💜Good song&music
Comment from : park seulgi Takehara

Anthony Crenshaw
I just found this song... I've learned it and am addicted already haha.
Comment from : Anthony Crenshaw

A Shower In The Ocean
Anyone have some severe nostalgia? Because I am.
Comment from : A Shower In The Ocean

Francis Jimenez
Comment from : Francis Jimenez

Zachary Rizzo
Badass song from AAR
Comment from : Zachary Rizzo

Junjun Buendea
Nice song . Sino nakikinig ngayong 2018
Comment from : Junjun Buendea

erika P
Comment from : erika P

Played Playboy The Mansion and this song popped up a lot
Comment from : Sora

DensetSu Gaming
Comment from : DensetSu Gaming

ashley hampton
2018. Still my shit!
Comment from : ashley hampton

One of my all time favorite songs to listen to since I was 12 while I swing on a swing looking at the sky thinking of the girl i wanted to be with who broke'uh my heart.
Comment from : X&X

Donnamae Diaz
I so love this song ❤❤🎵🎧🎤
Comment from : Donnamae Diaz

Daria Morgendorffer
its 2018 and i still love this
Comment from : Daria Morgendorffer

Jess 4 ever
makes me happy 😊❤
Comment from : Jess 4 ever

rod scheck
all songs are about love and breakups but there songs make sense
Comment from : rod scheck

Jelou Cañon
supper douper like (y)
Comment from : Jelou Cañon

Idk y but this reminds me of looking for Alaska
Comment from : Spoonyconch0

I heard the beginning of the chorus in another video and I can't get it out of my head. I'll start singing it, and everyone around me thinks I'm weird.
Comment from : TheSaltyZoroark

It almost sounded like another song was about to play in the beginning.
Comment from : Krysten55

Jaden Gathright
why does it sound like the beginning was written by Tom Delonge
Comment from : Jaden Gathright

oikken palsruger
Comment from : Ademyuka

The Future Is Queer
I thought it was swing swing from the /tables/ off
Comment from : The Future Is Queer

cole caltman
I have lego rock band its awesome
Comment from : cole caltman

Mike B
takes me back to high school
Comment from : Mike B

Jordan River
I freaking love these guys. I do like Green Day too.💚
Comment from : Jordan River

Tysm for the times! I play along on Piccolo.
Comment from : ProtakuEmmie

has been and always will be one of my favorites
Comment from : ANMcAvoy

Rei San
I can't decide, Green Day or The All American Rejects.
Comment from : Rei San

Max Lawrence
starts at 0.45 seconds. Your welcome 😂😂
Comment from : Max Lawrence

Sophie Rose
anyone wish we had songs like this today? (i do)
Comment from : Sophie Rose

Markcristian Bonto
Comment from : Markcristian Bonto

Karlee Mcafee
God this song gets me in my feelings, this song is one of my favorite
Comment from : Karlee Mcafee

Cornelius M
0:00 EHT
Comment from : Cornelius M

Josh Cook
Just saw them in Indy with Blink 182 and someone else! Amazing concert!
Comment from : Josh Cook

wani oh
damn!! this song is forever in my fav playlist
Comment from : wani oh

CrazySavage Online
Comment from : CrazySavage Online

Ah, the days of Lego Rockband <3
Comment from : AtrociousAmbition

Hunter the Kitsune
LOL, that intro though... XD
Comment from : Hunter the Kitsune

Brown Eyed Boy
My bro introduced me to all American rejects. My favorite song by them I "Gives u hell"
Comment from : Brown Eyed Boy

Hanna-Patricia Cebenka
I think that older songs like this was made in 2007  I like it lot one of my favs
Comment from : Hanna-Patricia Cebenka

Marvin Rosales
Comment from : Marvin Rosales

Thanks for posting this video man. I missed it so much!
Comment from : Gslank15

I am left while the tears fall 💭🎶
Comment from : Person

Wilfredo Chavarria
Back in 2005 these guys were all I had on my í iPod nano
Comment from : Wilfredo Chavarria

Dillon Houde
Just letting u know he said disscrach
Comment from : Dillon Houde

Ryan Kuhns jackal
I love the my song my favorite song
Comment from : Ryan Kuhns jackal

Erin Bacon
i love his voice it so unique and amazing
Comment from : Erin Bacon

That voice tho O.O
Comment from : Lackadaisical

The short sound in the very beginning is an indication that the song was obtained illegally. The CD version, or legally purchased version of this song does not have it.
Comment from : Kraedt

ronnie johnson

Comment from : ronnie johnson

Breanna Winchester
love this song omg <333
Comment from : Breanna Winchester

DC Rayleigh
Miss this!!! 
Comment from : DC Rayleigh

K Farry
stop talkin ur all retards!
no offence to retards.

Comment from : K Farry

sarah stewart
why are whiny songs the best?
Comment from : sarah stewart

cheryl ronquillo
Comment from : cheryl ronquillo

Jessica S
I love this song it was one of the first songs that I learned on the guitar
Comment from : Jessica S

Melissa Burns
Best song ever
Comment from : Melissa Burns

Rhiannon Cantwell
Love it !
Comment from : Rhiannon Cantwell

Ann Bennington
the all-american rejects :3 oww cool songs :3 
Comment from : Ann Bennington

too high for me to sing...FUCK! argh
Comment from : Cobalt

Marina Taylor
Eugh this song is too amazing
Comment from : Marina Taylor

Joey Mazza
this song helps me with my ex girl friend.
Comment from : Joey Mazza

Tyler Silva
Adding in the seconds was a brilliant touch :P
Comment from : Tyler Silva

Gabrielle Carlson
Thanks so much for putting the seconds until the lyrics start. It really helps since I need to practice this song.
Comment from : Gabrielle Carlson

Alright whatever. Just leave it.
Comment from : CreepsyShorts

Oh my god, both of you, shut up. Seriously? What the fuck are you gaining from this? A little reputation on the internet for being intelligent, or is this some sort of competition to see who can be stubborn the longest? You aren't going to convince each other you're right, so why continue? Because honestly, the only thing you are accomplishing is annoying everybody with constant bitching and moaning in the comments! Either you like the music, or you don't, it's entirely opinionated!
Comment from : CreepsyShorts

ORIMAR trustNo1
I don't think so.
Comment from : ORIMAR trustNo1

majestic rhino
wtf people, people are different from each other, each person has his/her own genre, you like this music , you hate that music, its either you accept that they like that music or just ignore them. you act like children.
Comment from : majestic rhino

ORIMAR trustNo1
People who constantly say they "know a lot" generally don't know much, just saying.
Comment from : ORIMAR trustNo1

Nikki Ama
Lol this is so good! I remember this song from when I was like 11, good memories
Comment from : Nikki Ama

ORIMAR trustNo1
Both of you are dumbasses, him for actually being a dumbass and you for keeping this argument going and having biased opinions and such. Just stfu. This isn't the place for that.
Comment from : ORIMAR trustNo1

tyler ruiz
rap is awesome and so is rock its not like you can sing better there my favorite singers
Comment from : tyler ruiz

shrug everyone is entitled to an opinion. i dont make troll posts i was trying to help someone explore outside the kind of music that they enjoy listening to, and your right there is no such thing as the greatest bands of all time because those are opinions but you can build strong cases that PF and the Beatles were the most musically influential bands of all time
Comment from : Silent771

takeing both of the top comments I like it
Comment from : Traynor2324

David Johnson
I see you love hot chicks. Yea Like for Hot CHICKS!!
Comment from : David Johnson

Filip Skobic
well, first, it wasn't so cheap to produce music the way it is today. nowadays you have a lot more good music than you had back then, but you also have a LOT more bad music, though i wouldn't say it's 85%. also, back then, when a musician was talented, you heard him on radio stations all around the world. if the musician was crap, they wouldn't play it. now, thanks to internet and mtv, they play anything, which is why you get a feeling that the ''bad'' percentage is increasing so rapidly.
Comment from : Filip Skobic

But it's actually none of your business what other people listen to. Let people say what they want to say, and carry on.
Comment from : TheFrostedLemonz

I disagree. Every generation has it's shit music as well as it's good music, it's just that by thirty to forty years in the future, you don't really hear about it anymore because, well, frankly it sucked. Respectfully yours, a fellow non-geezer.
Comment from : SteroidsRS

Higgs Bacon
Well, plus back then bands needed to produce fairly well-rounded albums because you couldn't just buy a single song like you can now days. My god, bands now days have one or two hits the general population likes and the rest is usually only know by the actual fans of a group. Bands back then still released shit songs just to fill up albums, but they also had enough hit songs to be able to release a Greatest Hits album, unlike now days.
Comment from : Higgs Bacon

Angela Paul
Good job, Nathan.
Comment from : Angela Paul

Not weird at all. I like bands that vary from Blink 182 all the way to fucking classical and classical guitar all the way to techno/dance and even metal tunes.
Comment from : mckellion

Smith Jackson
Comment from : Smith Jackson

Pink Floyd and the Beatles are so overrated now because of people like you. I'm not a hipster, I don't honestly give a shit, but The beatles beginning was about as intellectual and deep as one direction, and Pink Floyd is, if you don't like that kind of music, boring. They're not the best bands in the world, there is no best band in the world, so stop flaunting them like they are. They're not bad, just hopelessly overrated now.
Comment from : ghiman100

It's you, if you're weird for liking what you like, you be weird, and you enjoy being that weirdo lol :3
Comment from : Fuzbrain

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