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Michelle L
Trippy love it 😍
Comment from : Michelle L

After watching this I had nightmares for a week lol 😆
Comment from : matthewheathcock

Joelmir Mazon
que musica horrivel
Comment from : Joelmir Mazon

Ash Shroom
Still a better DBZ movie than Evolution.
Comment from : Ash Shroom

bernardo k.m
pooorrqueeeee? poooorqueeeee swing? eu pensei q essa coisa fosse gringa e nem dei bola, só 1 hor depois fui ouvir e achei a música que queria, MAS SE O NOME N FOSSE EM INGLES EU ACHARIA MAIS FACIL kkkkkkklkkkkkkkkkkkkk podia ser goiaba gostosa kkkkkkk
Comment from : bernardo k.m

Piotr Mierzwa
Dooobre ;]
Comment from : Piotr Mierzwa

Andruha Borisov
My favorite song in NFS Heat
Comment from : Andruha Borisov

The Crusaders
100k views are mine.
Comment from : The Crusaders

All the way from NFS HEAT
Comment from : WARAICH

Leandro Manarim
Vim do fifa20 que música foda kkk
Comment from : Leandro Manarim

G. Faustini
Pq saporra é em português?
Comment from : G. Faustini

Felipe Fernandes
Queria entender qual a dos olhos gigantes
Comment from : Felipe Fernandes

Felipe Fernandes
Música estranhamente viciante
Comment from : Felipe Fernandes

Lonely Wolf
Vengo por NFS Heat y fifa 20
Comment from : Lonely Wolf

Песня заебись, а клип пиздопротивный
Comment from : Oldpchol

Vitor Quintela
Amei a vibe desta música. Muito boa!
Comment from : Vitor Quintela

Federico Crippa

Swing! (oscilla!)

Una parola scritta è una parola non detta
È una parola maledetta
È una parola inespressa come una cravatta
Che è una parola piccola come la guava
Che è una parola figa come cravatta
Come una guava molto gustosa, una parola

Una parola scritta è una parola non dettaÈ una parola maledetta
È una parola inespressa come una cravatta
Che è una parola piccola come la guava
Che è una parola figa come cravatta
Come una guava molto gustosa, una parola

Swing! (oscilla!)
Swing! (oscilla!)

Una parola scritta è una parola non detta
È una parola maledetta
È una parola inespressa come una cravatta
Che è una parola piccola come la guava
Che è una parola figa come cravatta
Come una guava molto gustosa, una parola

Una parola scritta è una parola non detta
È una parola maledetta
È una parola inespressa come una cravatta
Che è una parola piccola come la guavaChe è una parola figa come cravatta
Come una guava molto gustosa, una parola

Una parola scritta è una parola non detta
È una parola maledetta
È una parola inespressa come una cravatta
Che è una parola piccola come la guava
Che è una parola figa come cravatta
Come una guava molto gustosa, una parola

Swing! (oscilla!)

Comment from : Federico Crippa

Исмаил Агаев
Fifa 20
Comment from : Исмаил Агаев

Nathan Krolow Silva
Fifa 20
Comment from : Nathan Krolow Silva

Felipe Marçal
Amo vocês 💘💖💝
Comment from : Felipe Marçal

Comment from : Zvrqah

I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going.
Comment from : MCP2002

This is supposed to be sarcastic comedy, right? Or s this for real, like a legit trash pop song?
Comment from : Globespy

Tô mais perdido que surdo em bingo, nem sabia que essa musica estava sendo cantada em portugues kkkkkkk perdidaço !!!
Comment from : Lanz1n

Was das für ne sprache
Comment from : Oliver

Lord Nicklass
Das Video erscheint mir etwas lieblos gemacht. Aber die Mucke ist großartig 😎
Comment from : Lord Nicklass

Oh no. that book fail :( 0:27 - 0:29 :(
Comment from : Shelas

K Vinayak
Im here from spotify

Comment from : K Vinayak

Crossi_ Zockt
Wer ist hir von Need for Speed
Comment from : Crossi_ Zockt

Cara A.
I can't stay away from this song
Comment from : Cara A.

Vanusa Vanusa
E eu achando que a musicar era em espanhol,é em português
Comment from : Vanusa Vanusa

NaughtyPuppet Show
C'est Magnifique !!! I am Completely LOVING the Deliciously Twisted Surrealism in this video. I have already become addicted to this Modern Masterpiece painted with Music and Fierceness, but this video takes it to another level ! Sofi Tukker continues to amaze My ears with each new song. (still few things sooth a Pissed Off Moment in life like Blasting "BatShit".)
Comment from : NaughtyPuppet Show

Darleen B.
quelle tuerie
Comment from : Darleen B.

i am from Need For Speed Heat <3
Comment from : killertwichter17

Alejandro Garcia
Lo mejor del vídeo es el Centro Ceremonial Otomí ♥️
Comment from : Alejandro Garcia

first 25 seconds is the best cutscene for fighting game
Comment from : Вадим

Leonid Orekhva
Супер !!!!
Comment from : Leonid Orekhva

Strawberry Lollipop
FIFA 20 ?
Comment from : Strawberry Lollipop

Lian Yan Khor
Imagine after Fifa 20, ate shroom, come for good music, then this MV......... Fml
Comment from : Lian Yan Khor

Серега Гребенюк
Oh No Pupple And Blue Oh No
Comment from : Серега Гребенюк

Sr P0T4T0
Oq significa essas bosta
Comment from : Sr P0T4T0

Sr P0T4T0
Comment from : Sr P0T4T0

Sr P0T4T0
Uma palavra amiguinho s
Comment from : Sr P0T4T0

HGator 101
Is this a real language they are speaking? If so - what is it? Thanks
Comment from : HGator 101

Manu Vyas
I'm here for the cooing parts. They're soothing to hear
Comment from : Manu Vyas

Твои глаза такие чистые, как небо!
Назад нельзя, такая сила притяжения.
Твои глаза...Останови это движение!
Я для тебя остановлю эту Планету.

Comment from : Im_Revived

I'd say this is the pinnacle of strange music videos.
Comment from : ThatGuyLiam

Zach Grzelka
i too loved alita: battle angel
Comment from : Zach Grzelka

CURIOSIDADE: Sofi morou um tempo no Brasil. Ela se apaixonou pelo paìs e pelo idioma, por isso boa parte das letras de suas mùsicas são em portugues.
De nada.

Comment from : ColdHardFacts

Fernando de sisti
video do caralho mano..
Comment from : Fernando de sisti

I don't care if I can't understand a word Sofi is saying, this song is amazing!!! 😻
Comment from : BallistaTheDeer

Kaio Toti
Que bosta de música puta merda
Comment from : Kaio Toti

Noone: nothing
This comment section: who is here from nfs heat? Who is here from fifia 20?

Comment from : Raz0r

Caldararu Bogdan-Nicolae
I love this song so much and I hate this video!
Comment from : Caldararu Bogdan-Nicolae

Alex Angel
Fifa 20 so cool 😎👌
Comment from : Alex Angel

Jonathan Villegas
Comment from : Jonathan Villegas

Sarena Young
Those eyes are a no from me, cheif
Comment from : Sarena Young

laadhari mohamed
fifa 2020 😭😭😭
Comment from : laadhari mohamed

Kartal ŞEN
fifa 20 :)
Comment from : Kartal ŞEN

Emilio Banic
Jesus, what a crap 💩💩
Comment from : Emilio Banic

after a win in fifa this song is soo satisfying but after a loss you break controller harder
Comment from : Danilo

Zeus Anonymous Organization
I hate this vide. My wife went to Korean and got bigger eyes, they look creepy ! 1 1 !
Comment from : Zeus Anonymous Organization

Zeus Anonymous Organization
This video ruined my child's mind, thanks bro.
Comment from : Zeus Anonymous Organization

Enam Khan
This is the most disgusting video I have ever seen.
Comment from : Enam Khan

Umud Abdulov
Thats how anime will look in real life🌚
Comment from : Umud Abdulov

André Silva
sabe tão bem ouvir as musicas do FIFA 20 FORA DO FIFA 20!!!!
Comment from : André Silva

This rocks. 💯
Comment from : SHED7

cada vez que essa música começa a tocar no fifa 20, me da vontade vomitar
Comment from : vic

I have nfs heat and fifa 20 when I heard the song on the games I thought I was trippen lmao
Comment from : NWPlayzTv

it's one of those things that are so weird it's actually good
Comment from : Shueru

David Lagua
Like si vienes por el FIFA 20
Comment from : David Lagua

FIFA20 :)))
Comment from : 19935AM

tisi wolf
Zawiaz tego krawata i skoncz.
Comment from : tisi wolf

Jose Carrillo
Fifa 20 and NFS HEAT? LOL
Comment from : Jose Carrillo

Jose Carrillo
What the fuck is this on FIFA? Portuguese?
Comment from : Jose Carrillo

João Neves
Need for speed heat <3 Goiabaaaaa!!
Comment from : João Neves

Aiman Haqqim
Every goddamn nfs heat race.... 😑
Comment from : Aiman Haqqim

wtf is this
Comment from : wO

Yasmin Silva
Quem esta aqui só por causa do need for speed heat como eu .-.
Comment from : Yasmin Silva

Pablo Pikaso
Nie polaka, nie pijaka
Comment from : Pablo Pikaso

Davi PG
Achei q eles eram br
Comment from : Davi PG

Jp Turner
Who's here from FIFA 20?
Comment from : Jp Turner

Jagoba De Albillos
Like por una palabra machiste
Comment from : Jagoba De Albillos

The same location of Daddy Yankee's Limbo 😂
Comment from : Alessand282

Willian Marques
Os cara que não fala português tentando cantar deve ser mt estranho
Comment from : Willian Marques

Spring Crat
Anime blayt
Comment from : Spring Crat

Hunter Sheldon
NFS Heat brought me here
Comment from : Hunter Sheldon

Can someone spanish help me? What is the meaning of gaiata in the lyrics? Pls and thanks in advance ☺️🙏
Comment from : Joe

Evan Davis
What the fuck fifa
Comment from : Evan Davis

E o fifao representando nao deixaram a desejar na playlist voltaram com os dibre e as musicas boas q pararam no 16
Comment from : Pedro83740

what kind of ancient battle is it?
Comment from : Blejdzio

carly daffey
Something about a guava ?? 👌
Comment from : carly daffey

Jason anthony Saunders
hey Sophie, much love for using my beat, keep going. if you want more or want to know how it was made hit me up
Comment from : Jason anthony Saunders

Milan Milan
music ok,but what is that stupid clip,styling...ble
Comment from : Milan Milan

Максим Коновалов
Where was this video taken?

Где это видео снято?

Comment from : Максим Коновалов

eko wira saputra
FIFA 20 membawaku ke sini...😅😅
Comment from : eko wira saputra

Le meilleur son de fifa 20 très calme
Comment from : Fartex

Eduardo de Luccaa
FIFA 20 ;-;
Comment from : Eduardo de Luccaa

Anna Wrobel
Amazing nice.....
Comment from : Anna Wrobel

Anna Wrobel
Palapa palapa 🎶🎵🎵🎼🔊🔊🔊
Comment from : Anna Wrobel

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