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Mary Allison
Less than two weeks until 2020.. who else is still listening to this?
Comment from : Mary Allison

Haley McCune
November 28th, 2019
Comment from : Haley McCune

Crazy Mason
Comment from : Crazy Mason

Brooke Melberg
Comment from : Brooke Melberg

Arthur Read
My grandpa likes this song lol
Comment from : Arthur Read

NightClax DEV
Who still listening to this in
Made this 🔵

Comment from : NightClax DEV

Margaret Burch
I love this song
Comment from : Margaret Burch

Shelby Snow
I still absolutely love this song.😅
Comment from : Shelby Snow

Miranda Mcmichael
Comment from : Miranda Mcmichael

Cally Prater
i am savage to
Comment from : Cally Prater

Cally Prater
i love this song it makes my hips swig
Comment from : Cally Prater

Drew Tha Panda
How the hell could I forget this song
Comment from : Drew Tha Panda

Byren Wade
2019. Who’s with me
Comment from : Byren Wade

Kamryn Powell
2019 anybody
Comment from : Kamryn Powell

2019 YouTube recommendation
Comment from : J3suit

Dr. Youtuber
MISS MAY I bring me here.
Comment from : Dr. Youtuber

Bellatrix Lestrange
Why bleep out shit but have ass? 😂😂 this person who uploaded these lyrics are retarded
Comment from : Bellatrix Lestrange

Still listening in 2019??😱🙉👁
Comment from : Nate

Nancy Ihrig
Goin' golfin'...
Comment from : Nancy Ihrig

Issachar Davies
Comment from : Issachar Davies

Oh shit
Comment from : OnlyToasted

Louis Ditello
The dice
Comment from : Louis Ditello

Brittany Freeman
2018 LoL right😂😂
Comment from : Brittany Freeman

Ur Mum
Comment from : Ur Mum

C Lovelace Mollyhorn
Knocked up
Comment from : C Lovelace Mollyhorn

Lmaoo I came to this thinking it was Normani and quavo that’s what I get for not paying attention
Comment from : CandiceNicole

Need that Stankface during this one!
Comment from : Trey

Robert Wernisch
Comment from : Robert Wernisch

Valfar Antonio
"why does he keep using the dice move?"
Comment from : Valfar Antonio

Kira Jimenez
Anybody here in 2018?
Comment from : Kira Jimenez

Paula Short
I love this song
Comment from : Paula Short

Mad Melody
My crush sent this to me. I don’t know how to respond.
Comment from : Mad Melody

Paul Gray
2k18 still lit
Comment from : Paul Gray

Elite mobile Gaming
Comment from : Elite mobile Gaming

Ashlynn Talbott
Who is still listening to this ? Or just me ? 🤣
Comment from : Ashlynn Talbott

DaVeY CrotchKick
Wish I had a Lady to Go with This Shit;...Just isn't the Same..
Comment from : DaVeY CrotchKick

Audrey Ervin
I can see myself turning this up in the car telling my future kids "YOU DoNT KNw nOtHiiiiNg bout THis"
Comment from : Audrey Ervin

Comment from : XcoolSarah5

Blue _life
Comment from : Blue _life

Nathan Garcia
High School dances they used to play this song back in 2010
Comment from : Nathan Garcia

Knocked up 😂😂😂😂😂
Comment from : rubenalv65

I'm gona pretend I don't know all the lyrics to this song
Comment from : Tia_C

Dulce Romero
January 10 2018 4:23am
Comment from : Dulce Romero

Kaitlyn Hess
Comment from : Kaitlyn Hess

ledorkus derp
Comment from : ledorkus derp

Stephanie Craig
Comment from : Stephanie Craig

Dulce Romero
I heard this song before in a video I'm sure it was a female YouTuber but I can't remember someone help me on my search
Comment from : Dulce Romero

MacKenzie Banning
Comment from : MacKenzie Banning

Robert Gulbrantson
Comment from : Robert Gulbrantson

Dylan LaFrance
I honestly did expect this, I just barley found this song, and it's ummmm okay
Comment from : Dylan LaFrance

Death Imp
Savage is a good singer
Comment from : Death Imp

My sister loved playing this in the car when I was about 7 or 8 in 12 now and I found this through an emo crack video idek why I'm listening to this but I still like dem old pop songs like this one the new ones all suck
Comment from : candielandcandy12

Holly Gillison
Listening in 2017
Comment from : Holly Gillison

Michael Panacheese
Yeah dope song til this day! Fosho lol
Comment from : Michael Panacheese

Caitlyn Padgett
2017 anyone??? 🤔
Comment from : Caitlyn Padgett

Kate Autry
I'm 15 and unimpressed with today's "rap." I love the earlier 2000's rap and music in general. Then it had style and truth. Now it is all sex and drugs. Some music nowadays is okay. Nothing beats early 2000's tho.
Comment from : Kate Autry

Queen Leesh
Still my fucking jam
Comment from : Queen Leesh

Alexis Garza
Who came here because Of Twenty Øne Piløts? 😂
Comment from : Alexis Garza

Katrina Williams
I love this song
Comment from : Katrina Williams

Tala The wolf
bruh I use to have this as a ringtone in middle school I was in 7th grade, good times, good times.
Comment from : Tala The wolf

Brandon Lovelace
Who listening in 2k17? 😎
Comment from : Brandon Lovelace

Princess Luna
jeez, I like this song since I was little girl. now I'm like, YEAH! I LOVE THIS SONG EVEN MORE!!
Comment from : Princess Luna

Explore lover
I love this song
Comment from : Explore lover

The savage channel
Love this song
Comment from : The savage channel

Savannah Ibe
This is my ultimate favorite song lol who still listening to this in 2017? Lol
Comment from : Savannah Ibe

Savannah Ibe
Who still listening to this in 2017
Comment from : Savannah Ibe

Comment 666
Comment from : Glaivey

the new dumm ass challenge
dude love this vid
Comment from : the new dumm ass challenge

Scarlett Walters
Who's listening to this in 2017😂👌❤
Comment from : Scarlett Walters

Jade Matthews
I 💘 this song❤❤❤❤❤❤
Comment from : Jade Matthews

2017 hell ya
Comment from : CHANCE LOUTHAN

Jodie Brown
2017 still a great jam!!
Comment from : Jodie Brown

LMAO this song...back in the 2000s listening to this in middle school...MEMORIES!
Comment from : Kren

YoGirlKaitlin ._
They played this at homecoming 😂😂😂 i remember when i lived in the heights when i was 5 dancing to this 😂
Comment from : YoGirlKaitlin ._

Tiffany Carter
The movie knocked up brought me here
Comment from : Tiffany Carter

2k17 anyone?
Comment from : BRAINWASHED

timmy two tips
This was the first rap song I really listened to
Comment from : timmy two tips

Iggy Azagli
who listening in 3097
Comment from : Iggy Azagli

Dorthy Mcguire
they played this at our homecoming and this shit is old AF😂😂
Comment from : Dorthy Mcguire

Elizabeth Zahn
2017 anyone?
Comment from : Elizabeth Zahn

Vaporous Mallard
my hips don't lie so I'mma let em swing
Comment from : Vaporous Mallard

Cheryl kunkel
haha club memories right here ... also movie knocked up lol
Comment from : Cheryl kunkel

me and my aunt dance to this
Comment from : creepypasta

game gang
think of someone using tje dice 🎲👋😎
Comment from : game gang

Matt Gel
head SWIIIIIING, love that part
Comment from : Matt Gel

maria moore
Me and my bf listen to this song every time we see each other & like 3 other songs sometimes
Comment from : maria moore

Pizza Samurai
The numbre uno savage
Comment from : Pizza Samurai

Mizz Juggalette
Comment from : Mizz Juggalette

Qistika YT
Comment from : Qistika YT

Savannah Walton
who's listening to in 2017??????
Comment from : Savannah Walton

Live4Fly the Zerk
Missed this song
Comment from : Live4Fly the Zerk

Mariah Minny
Throw the fuck back !!!!!
Comment from : Mariah Minny

Kortney Mae
~2017~ music before 2011 is hella good you can say different I don't care this shit is the real "trap" music or "twerk out" I mean who wouldn't wanna drop it low 😂😂 this shit is 🔥🔥🔥 to me but everyone is entitled to their own so don't try going all "keyboard ninja"
Comment from : Kortney Mae

Victoria Mikulka
we played this at my homecoming this year it got everyone dancing
Comment from : Victoria Mikulka

Abby Hughes
Love this song
Comment from : Abby Hughes

Kittyslap Lavender
This song makes me want to go and get on a swing 😂
Comment from : Kittyslap Lavender

N.L.V Nightowl
so this the original savage huh!........ight ight I see👌
Comment from : N.L.V Nightowl

maria moore
My fav bf got me on this song
Comment from : maria moore

whos watching this 2017?
Comment from : TheUndeadNinja

Olivia Plum
the people that say that this song is stupid you are wrong
Comment from : Olivia Plum

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