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stricker dray
Comment from : stricker dray

I am loving this song
Comment from : LUDO STARS

Pedro Ricardo
Descobri essa música da Deusa agr
Comment from : Pedro Ricardo

Fred Max
Normani 🔥🌷 love from Kenya 🇰🇪😍😍😍💯
Comment from : Fred Max

cipcup gathonialltheway
Quavos voice 😭😭🔥🔥
Comment from : cipcup gathonialltheway

Nas Martin
Comment from : Nas Martin

Mrs.Potato Head
Yess Normani!!! Lyrics 💕:

We get allowed to swing
Oh that's a hot spot (Hot spot)
Hit her on the elevator, why not (Why not)
Make the whole block hot (Block hot)
Make the whole block hot (Block hot)
(Skrrt, skrrt) In the hot box (Skrrt, skrrt)
Right next to the chopper (Skrrt, skrrt)
And the thing go ratta (Buck, buck)
And the thing go ratta (Buck, buck)
Came from the jungle, we hot but we humble
You want to reach out tell her, just put down your number (brrrr)
If she's not a bad gyal, then I do not want her (Bo)
I like to try new things, but not with one woman (No)
Got to be three or four of 'em (Three)
Yeah, we drippin' designer, but grind on the floor (Floor)
And I do not care what I drink, just keep pourin' (Pour)
Already know what she think, girl just go in (Go, go, go)
She 'bout to go to the dance hall (Hall)
Two bad bitches got a dance-off (Off)
By the end of the night, I tried 'em all (All)

We get allowed to swing
(Swingin' ay, swingin' ay)
We get allowed to swing
(Swingin' ay, swingin' ay)
We get allowed to swing
(Swingin' ay, swingin' ay)
We get allowed to swing
(Swingin' ay, swingin' ay)
We get allowed to swing
[Post-Chorus: Quavo]
She wanna try the new tings
(She want to try 'em)
She like to try the new tings
(She like to try 'em)

The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice (Black juice)
Whenever you're ready, I'm ready to move (Ready to move)
She said don't keep me waiting
Now she's in the mood (She's in the mood)
Whenever you're ready, I'm ready to move gyal
I'll take you to Africa (Ay)
You won't see my type of car (Scoot, scoot)
The same one that Cardi got (Vroom, vroom)
Come live like a fuckin' star (Ay)
I go turn you to foreigner, yeah
For my place, you no need Visa (No need Visa)

We get allowed to swing
(Swingin', swingin')
We get allowed to swing
(Ah, swingin', swingin')
We get allowed to swing
(Ah, swingin', swingin')
We get allowed to swing
(Ah, swingin', swingin')
We get allowed to swing
[Post-Chorus: Quavo]
She want to try the new tings
(She want to try 'em)
She like to try the new tings
(She like to try 'em, we get allowed to swing)
She want to try the new tings
(She want to try 'em)
She like to try the new tings
(She like to try 'em)

We get allowed to swing
(We get allowed)
She wanna try new tings
(Come and tell me!)
We get allowed to swing
(Ay, you comin' down now)
She wanna try new things
(Let 'em go, let 'em know)
Let the beat run out, ohh, oh
Let the beat run out
Yeah, we get allowed to swing.

Comment from : Mrs.Potato Head

Mrs.Potato Head
Comment from : Mrs.Potato Head

Dora Elisa Caballero Fabre
Underrated song
Comment from : Dora Elisa Caballero Fabre

Jnet D
Comment from : Jnet D

But then South Africa is bad
Comment from : Malilo MBINDO

Ibraima Fali Balde
Normani é sensacional
Comment from : Ibraima Fali Balde

Christopher Thompson
Why was this not a single?
Comment from : Christopher Thompson

Leroy Smith
Comment from : Leroy Smith

Tanaka Sabin Muti
i love the fact that she is able to move on too well despite their break up with fifth harmony
Comment from : Tanaka Sabin Muti

Wow.....cool jam

Aaliyah Brooks
I forgot about this song and Normani sounds great.
Comment from : Aaliyah Brooks

Ngui Njie
Davido 😘😘😘
Comment from : Ngui Njie

Elaine Shuma
Summerrr 2019🔥🔥
Comment from : Elaine Shuma

adam Abdulkadir
Comment from : adam Abdulkadir

I am bae
Comment from : Stormz

brian ortiz
in love with this jam
Comment from : brian ortiz

Ntombi. .Mable
Normani is bae😍😍
Comment from : Ntombi. .Mable

Wonderful quavo bring migos into nairobi
Comment from : JAMES OCHAMI

Only 50k views, No entiendo!
Comment from : Auraelgenio

Opio Burno
Comment from : Opio Burno

Danny Salmeron
Comment from : Danny Salmeron

Danny Salmeron
Comment from : Danny Salmeron

Danny Salmeron
Comment from : Danny Salmeron

tita Tanti
Comment from : tita Tanti

Here for my girl 💞

Sherona Bromfield
Normani your voice though oh god three hot rising artist I love her so bad oh god she got me
Comment from : Sherona Bromfield

I completely forgot about this song wtff
Comment from : XxQueenxiexX

Jars Rainbow
Yesssss , I’m buying her album forsure.
Comment from : Jars Rainbow

Here for normani
Comment from : tyshawn

Mwaniki Maina
Comment from : Mwaniki Maina

Creek-tours com
sweet souds quavo....you be there king...prrrr take it high swinging....
Comment from : Creek-tours com

dae sappleton
🔥🔥🔥🔥 this song is dope👌🏽#Quavo #Normani #Davido keep up the good work guys
Comment from : dae sappleton

Bilovez Novez
Dope🔥🔥. Davido plz bring them to Africa😉
Comment from : Bilovez Novez

Tavenisa Talei
When did this song came out ...ohhh2018 iys my 2019 song
Comment from : Tavenisa Talei

413 Angel
Yes. You deserve it😄
Comment from : 413 Angel

Sound of MUSIC
Yoooko. This is sooo dope 😭😭😭 🔥
Comment from : Sound of MUSIC

Usarsif Usarsif
My place u dont need?
Comment from : Usarsif Usarsif

Usarsif Usarsif
Comment from : Usarsif Usarsif

Zina Mangal
Comment from : Zina Mangal

fiji water
Comment from : fiji water

Tiny E. Foote
Yesssssssss Normani!!! That voice is soft like cotton candy.
Comment from : Tiny E. Foote

Sandra Hudson
Now this is how it should have been, this is an excellent concept 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🔥🔥🔥🙏🏾
Comment from : Sandra Hudson

Mikaele Para
Comment from : Mikaele Para

ju vhb
Queen 👑👑
Comment from : ju vhb

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